Sunday, 21 May 2017

Nintendo's Mario Party Gambling Arcade Games

If you're into Nintendo games, no doubt you've spent many a night playing Mario Party with your friends, trying to become the victor at the mercy of a dice roll. However, unless you had some special  house rules, no actual money had been lost in the process, not counting broken controllers of course.

But if you're living in Japan, Mario Party has something a little extra for you. Capcom and Nintendo came together to make the ultimate in money-sink technology, putting the ridiculous randomness of Mario Party and actual risk into one colorful, loud package.

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You'll find these machines in the larger game arcade halls. The actual game is called "Mario Party: The Unusual Rolling Catcher". They are circular with stations for players to sit at right around the machine, with each station representing a different Mario character. 

Inside the middle of the massive machine is a bunch of brightly lit and flashing mechanisms which come to life as you gamble your pocket money away, offering chances to earn as many tokens as you could imagine. Not sure how big that chance is mind you...

Right in front of the seat of each station you will have your own coin pusher style area and a screen showing your progress through the game. The game uses tokens, or as the game calls them medals to keep play going, with people pushing massive amounts inside the machine at any one time. You must exchange your hard earned yen for the tokens at exchange machines around the game arcade.

Minamifuruya, Saitama