Thursday, 11 May 2017

Retro Video Game Stores are Amazing in Akihabara

Lovers of video games, both new and old, know that Akihabara is the place to go if you're collecting. Or, maybe if you're just interested in taking a short trip through memory lane. It's often said that the market is getting saturated in Akihabara. Its fame has been great for business. But, not so great for keeping old titles in stock, due of course to the fact they are a finite resource. People come from all over Japan, and indeed the world, to shop in this sacred place for retro game fans. Some may even call it a pilgrimage to the place of where it all started.

However, it would seem things aren't quite as bad as often reported. New stores are opening as we speak. The one photographed above was just celebrating its own grand opening on the main street of Akihabara. We find a wealth of stock of not only common items, but some of the most rare and sought after treasures on everyone's lists.

Keep on reading to check out photos of what you can expect to find!

Old consoles are readily available, with prices not completely unreasonable.

If you're willing to pay more, you can find just about anything you could want without too much trouble, for the right price of course.

Stocks are plentiful, with walls lined with old carts, controllers and merchandise.

Not only can we see walls of original and genuine games, we can also find newly manufactured consoles to play them on. Original, vintage consoles are of course also on offer if that's your thing.

Akihabara, Tokyo