Monday, 22 May 2017

Visiting Beautiful Yoyogi Park in Shibuya

Yoyogi park is one of the most well known and popular nature filled places in Tokyo. Yes, this beautiful park is right in the centre of Tokyo, in Shibuya. It's not all ridiculously huge buildings and people filled streets! Many people come to Yoyogi park on their days off to escape the bustle of the city and relax their tired bodies. The park is filled with people having picnics, playing with their families, sun-bathing and even doing Tai-chi.

Despite its location among some of the busiest places in Tokyo, the park is large enough to give everyone enough personal space to unwind and recharge their batteries. Unless of course it's cherry blossom season, where it's difficult to even find a place to sit!

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Large lakes spread themselves around the park inviting water birds to stay and enjoy their time with the people.

People play ball games in the large spaces among the trees, using them to tie up their volleyball nets.

Magicians, musicians, artists, everyone comes to the park to not only relax and practice their crafts, but to help create a charming space for all to enjoy.

Shibuya, Tokyo