Saturday, 13 May 2017

You Can Still Real Life Mario Kart in Akihabara

Wait, is that...?

Read on to find out!

Well yes, yes it is! You may have heard recently that you can actually go Mario Karting around the streets of Tokyo. A company called MariCar has been offering this service for a while now. Onlookers can't keep there eyes away as they spot the carts darting through there otherwise fairly uneventful roads (apart from the odd music group advertising billboard truck here and there...).

However a few months ago Nintendo actually sued MariCar for copyright infringement due to the use of the obviously influenced company name blazoned on their carts as they drive around. This apparently hasn't stopped the company from doing business as these photos were captured only a week ago in Akihabara, costumed riders and all.

Akihabara, Tokyo